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In the news (sort of)...

One of the things I love the most about my job, is that I get the opportunity to meet interesting people and shoot uncommon places.

Not being norwegian, I don't really know if the person that I'm shooting for, is famous or not. It just happens to be another assignment that deserves the same attention and focus as the next one.  But when my client (Anders Nykkelmo Solem from Ihus Majorstua) told me that I was shooting for Jo Nesbø, it certainly made my day, eventhough I've never read any of his books!

Here is the article that Hegnar On Line published the 29th of August 2011 :

It made me even happier to know that the house was sold for 650.000 Kr over hhv.

Alejandro Villanueva Photography 2012
I really liked this place. Perfect location and endless possibilities.

Despite not having any coins to pay the parking - in that part of the city, parkingmeters do not accept credit cards - or asking if all that DJ equipment she had in the living room belonged to a friend...she was extremely nice and friendly.

Yep, you gotta love this girl... talented, beautiful and friendly. Here's the article that Kjendis published when she was selling her apartment.

Another article by Hegnar On Line:

Alejandro Villanueva Photography 2012
As it often happens with me, the kitchen was my favorite part of the apartment.

Sometimes is not the owner that makes the news, but the sale itself. Again this time happen with the same megler as from Jo Nesbø's house, Anders Nykkelmo Solem, from Ihus Majorstua.

The article was about an apartment that was sold before the visning. Here is the story by Aftenposten.

This week Aftenposten published an article about an enebolig that is on sale for 4.5 Mill Kr. 
The megler is Ole Christian Malterud Akre from the DnB office at Lambertseter.

Alejandro Villanueva Photography 2012

Sees senere!!


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