fredag 9. desember 2011

Velkommen til Boligkrydder.

First time here?  This is what you'll get.
  • Eiendom related news from Aftenposten, Hegnar On Line and updated weekly.
  • Inspirasjon pictures updated frequently for all those people selling their places and in need of guidance.
  • The same pictures for all curious people out there :)
  • Tips on how to prepare your house/apartment for the photoshoot. (Ryddetips eller klargjøring til fotografering).
  • Curius stuff posted throughout the week.
  • Trends, ideas and interviews.
And now, back to business.

This week I had the chance to shoot a really cool rekkehus, the owners were very cooperative, so I could do things like this.

You gotta love the smell of coffee!

These tangerines seemed to be alive, so I asked persmission to make them climb :)

There's no doubt that a LC4 is a fine piece of art!

 Hope you enjoy it!

God helg!


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